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Pre-Buy Page


I will not tell you here about what we are cool newcomers to the X-Plane market and about what good products we have for $ 40, as some companies do. Not. Not. Not. In no case. This is not my strategy. Then what am I doing here with such marketing, maybe they will ask me a question? I make products that I like like a regular simmer. Products that do not want to be returned immediately after purchase. And finally, the purchase of which you will not regret.

Sounds good, right? Now that you recognize me better, but not well enough to start trusting. I want to tell you about the principles of our company. You'll like it. One of the main goals is dumping the prices of add-on products for flight simulators without losing quality, or even increasing it. We do not want to set such a price at which it will be cheaper to buy a real plane and fly on it. We want the product to be allowed to buy as many people as possible who do not want to give a lot of money for low-quality add-ons and stay with nothing. In fact, I just told you what price dumping is. Like? Me too.

Now that you know my goals, policies and strategies. Therefore, I am ready to offer you a debut product that will become fundamental in understanding the new X-Plane market. Let's get started.

Oliver Mann
Marketing specialist. Co-Founder.

So, ExoFlora. What is he doing, you ask? It is not difficult to guess that this is due to vegetation. Right! But there is a product from a well-known company (“why are you getting here?” - you might have thought). Now Explain:

Not everyone can afford a $ 25AUD texture replacement product.

We offer you the price equivalent to a Cup of coffee at Charles De Gaulle airport. $9.95.

There are some annoying problems in the similar product and no solutions. Example? Forest under the line.

Surely you noticed that large tracts of forest look linear. As if they were planted under a strip. It never happens in life.

This misunderstanding is present in both freeware and payware products .

We don’t have that. In our product, large areas of the forest look without artifacts. As well as small zones too.

Our addon distinguishes from many other similar addons, we made a replacement of the forest include the autogen zones.

I think you once noticed that even having a product of vegetation on board, the flora inside areas with a city or villages, etc. is different, ugly, defaulted. We have all the vegetation on the X-Plane planet made with high quality textures. 

Without artifacts in the form of some places with default vegetation.

Although I called a very unusual strategy for a new company, we will not depart from the traditions of flightsim devs and write a legendary list of features with a column below.


15 pictures that demonstrate all the naturalness of this product.


ExoFlora Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 7, 8.1, 10
MacOS High Sierra and newer
Generic Linux, openSUSE, Red Hat, Ubuntu

CPU: Intel Core i3, i5, i7, i9 CPU with 2 or more cores, or AMD equivalent.
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphic Card: DirectX 11 support with at least 1 GB VRAM

This is official X-Plane minimum system requirements.

ExoFlora needs the same minimum system requirements.