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Ultimate Airports Surfaces Replacement

Product Description

A unique and inimitable add-on that will make incredible and wonderful graphic changes to 45,000+ airports around the world!

This product will bring new superb ground surfaces and elements of airports to your flight simulator. Now you will be able to fly with great pleasure and enjoyment to a variety of airports in the world, which previously you did not want to fly because of the lack of a high-quality scenery. Any other free scenarios also work perfectly with our product according to the scheme of combining 3D objects from the scenery with our ground textures (Good example is the Tdg sceneries).

Our product has unique features that distinguish us from our competitors, for example, we implement the "OffTiling" technology, you will no longer be distracted by the poor repetition of textures that will spoil your beautiful flight. We are the only ones who have created high-quality "Grunge Masks" in the simulator for markings, tire tracks, etc.

Our product looks realistic as much as Possible in the X-Plane reality.

Technical Information

Our product is optimized to the maximum and its performance has been successfully tested on all types of PCs. Therefore, all hardware requirements are the same as the x-plane requirements.

Compatibility with all products, sceneries, etc.

Product Do Not Touch Coordinates, Objects Locations, Dataset Files.

Do Only Replacement actions.

Addon will not replace textures in sceneries which use their own.

Download Product Size Is 470MB, After Installation Is 750MB

Fully Compatible with Windows

Fully Compatible with macOS

Fully Compatible with Linux

Features List

Excellent Photoscanned Asphalt Runways & Asphalt Helipads

Gorgeous Realistic Concrete Runways & Concrete Helipads

Incredible High Quality Gravel Runways, Pavement & Helipads

Natural Smooth Grass Airstrips & Grass Elements

Photoscanned Arid Desert Airfields & Desert Elements

Realistic Dirt Airstrips

Superb Quality and a lot of variety Of Aprons & Taxiways Textures

High Quality Markings, Taxilines, Ground Signs, Navigation Signs

Excellent Physical Based Rendering Effect / PBR

"NoTiling" Technology Applied. The textures no more repeating.

Tire Skids, Grunge Effect On Runways, Taxiways, Markings, etc.

Normalized Runways Edges

Reworked Runways Shoulders

Unbelievable Airports Terrain Textures with a lot of variety

Absolutely All Is Automatic, you don't need do something manually

Features Images

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